About me and my Equipment

With exception to my tuition with Guitar and Piano lessons I had as a child, I'm mostly self taught.  The rest of my understanding of music has been through self discipline and many years of honing my skills and experimenting.

I enjoy writing in many styles, from the soft and gentle genres of chilled and emotive to, Jazz, Rock, Latin, Orchestral - and cross versions of all the above, not to mention the various variations too, i.e african, far-eastern, middle-eastern. There are various music clips across the site, which will give you a good idea of my range of styles. My goal is to understand your music requirements.
I have been in the  music industry for 35 years, and I compose to film using the very latest technology and I am able to work with many formats on my fast Quad-core computer.
I will always create an original score and I will review my music with the director, as required and I will take each project with an open mind. I know that every director has a different approach. I will make sure you are completely happy with the delivery materials.
I would like very much to win your trust and deliver to you the best service possible, I'd like to show you what I can do for your projects, and most of all I am a fun guy to work with

As well as my guitars (Gibson/Fender), I use lots of other instruments, and instruments samples in my productions. I use a fast MAC with Quad Core technology I have orchestral libraries from EWQLSO Gold Pro, LA Scoring Strings, Gypsy and Ra; Omisphere and Stylus from Spectrasonics to name just few big titles that I have in my library sound. I also use a lot of other software that helps me achieve my targets.

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